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Please note that this guide was last updated over ten years ago (2003), so there will no doubt be changes in rates and possibly ownership.

Barb Genge
PO Box 100, Main Brook, Newfoundland

Tel: + 1 709-865-6361; toll-free 1-888-865-6361
No cell number available
Tel: + 1 709-865-2112

This is another wonderful place to come and enjoy the majesty of the Canadian outdoors. Situated towards the tip of Newfoundland’s Northern Peninsula, Tuckamore Lodge serves up wilderness, nature and rugged adventure on the friendliest of plates.....

.... Barb is the delightful soul of Tuckamore, which she has been running for 22 years, and the welcome is genuine. This is what Newfoundland is all about. If you’re not "m’ dear" within a day of arriving, you should probably check your breath. Time here can be spent in a hundred different ways. Hiking, fishing, kayaking, whale-, iceberg-, moose- and bird-watching, boat tours and Viking-related excursions are available in the summer, while all manner of snow-related activities fill up the winter. September and October are the main hunting months. Accommodation is provided in one of two buildings: the older, A-frame, pine lodge has four guest rooms, and the new cedar lodge with its lofty ceiling has eight more (try to get a room upstairs here). Meals are served at big communal tables in both the lodges - prepare your stories - while bedrooms are mostly wood-walled, chalet-style affairs with pine-log beds and colourful duvets; fine places to collapse after the rigours of a day of heady Newfie air.

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Rooms: 12: 4 in main building: all with en/s showers, 3 with 2 double beds and 1 with queen. 8 in other lodge: mix of queens and doubles, all en/s bath or shower.
Price: Please consult the owners for current prices.
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Meals: Full breakfast included. Lunch at $12 - $15 and dinner at $30 from set menu. Beer and wine extra.
Directions: North on Route 430, turn right onto 432 towards Brook. Left after 53 km. Go another 33 km and when you see water on your right look left for the driveway.

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