Symbols and what they mean

No credit cards accepted.
Meals can be provided, often by prior arrangement.
Rooms all have TVs.
Stocked wild game can be seen. This does not include naturally occurring wild animals like springbok and waterbuck.
Children are welcome. 8+ means only children over 8 years old.
Working farm.
Off-street car parking.
Access only for wheelchairs.
Swimming available in pool, sea or river.
Bikes are hired or lent here.
Full wheelchair facilities
Good hiking or walking direct from the house.
They have their own horses for horse-riding.
No smoking allowed inside any of the buildings.
Wireless Internet available here.


We have only given the child-friendly symbol to places which are completely welcoming of children of all ages. Most others are not universally against the little fellows, but may have a policy not to mix other guests with kids; or they may have dangerous lakes and swimming pools; or a deck perched precariously over a vertical drop onto rows of sharp spikes… and no railings! If you want to take children with you I would ring the owners in question and talk it through with them. The same is true of pets. Their main concern is children (or dogs) which run wild, upsetting precious objects and other guests who are looking for a quiet time.

Riding Symbol

Although nearly everyone in the book can organise riding nearby, we have only given this symbol to places which have their own horses and stables.